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Episode 1 Script

Posted by Shugo Chara Dubbing on December 8, 2009 at 12:42 PM

Hey! It's time to start recording for the first episode of my Shugo Chara fandub! Please leave pauses between each of your lines when you record.

When you are done with your lines please send them to:

Boy 1: Hey Kid Yesterday, I heard a rumor.

Boy 2: It said you had a game we wanted.

Little Boy : Um…uh… (say it nervously)

Amu: Hey, you. I can’t get through.

Boy 2: What’s with this girl?

Boy 1: H-Hold it! She can’t be…

Little Boy: It’s you! (Happy and excited) The “cool and spicy” school girl I heard about in chess club: Hinamori Amu!

Boy 1 and Boy 2: HINAMORI AMU?!! (they are scared so make it loud and scared sounding)

Boy 1: I heard she single-handedly defeated the entire soccer team!

Boy 2: I heard she feared in all the local schools, and principals try to appease her!

Boy 1 and Boy 2: WE’RE SORRY!!!

Amu: Who actually starts these rumors?

Little Boy: Thank you very much! If you don’t mind, could I get your autograph?

Amu: Are you dumb you were blocking the sidewalk too.

Little boy: uh…

Amu: Be more careful next time.

Little Boy: Oh…She’s cool!

Beginning Lady: All kids hold an egg in their soul…. The egg of our hearts…Our would-be selves,,,,Yet unseen…


Girl 1: Hey, hey did you know?

Girl 2: About that shakedown incident.

Girl 3: Yeah I heard, I heard. Hinamori is definitely the best.

Girl 1: Her character is definitely out of the ordinary. There’s a completely mellow feeling about her. The way she wears her uniform is cool too.

Girl 2: Her mother is a famous magazine writer.

Girl 3: And her father is an ace photographer.

Girl 1 Girl 2 Girl 3: Everything about her is way cool!

Girl 1: I bet her boyfriend is much older and a celebrity.

Girl 3: Like an Idol?

Girl 2: Maybe he’s even French!?

(girls talking in background not too loud)

Amu: Another selfish rumor has started…Honestly that’s not my character.

Nobuko Saeki: Behind you back is a Spirit!

Amu and Ami: Eh!

Nobuko Saeki: That’s Right! No matter who you are a guardian angel is protecting you.

Amu: Ridiculous. Those people are fakes anyway

Amu’s Mom: The Never Betraying psychic Miss Nobuko is for real. We’ve done a feature on her in Mama’s Magazine!

Amu’s Dad: Never mind that look, look! Papa’s latest masterpiece!

Amu’s Mom: That’s great, Papa!

Amu: There’s your famous magazine writer and ace photographer.

Ami: I’m scared Sis! A monster! Eeeuuuu!!

Amu: That’s a person Ami.

Ami: A monster! Ehhhhh!

Nobuko Saeki: No it is not a monster.

Amu: huh?

Nobuko Saeki: A guardian angel is your companion always behind you watching over and protecting your true self.

Ami: Eyauu….

Amu: Definitely ridiculous.

Nobuko Saeki: People who ridicule them will die.

Amu: Huh!! It sounded as if she was speaking to me.

Nobuko Saeki: I am speaking to you.

Amu: Huh!

Amu’s Mom: What’s wrong Amu?

Amu: How Dumb…Guardian angels are something failures would believe in to feel better about themselves. I have no need for anything so absurd. Thanks for the meal.

Amu’s Mom and Dad: She’s cool!

Ami: Huh?

Amu: Uaghh! I can’t stand it! What was that earlier, Occultism or a magical charm? Not good! Not good! I won’t be able to wash my hair tonight! My outside character wore me out today. Outside character, my outer façade… I’m a girl with more than one character. The real me is different. I just want to be honest.

Teacher: everyone this is our new transfer student, Hinamori Amu.

Amu: Oh no! What to do?! What should I say!?

Teacher: Hinamori?

Amu: Huh!!! Well pleased to meetcha.

Extra voices: Ohhhhh!

Amu: Not knowing what to say was mistaken for playing cool. Not knowing how to act was mistaken for being rebellious. Mama’s taste in fashions seemed to have been chosen on a whim. Even I would like to wear something pink and frilly sometime. In my heart I want to be a cuter and more honest girl. But if I try now no one will accept my character. Nobuko Saeki: A guardian angel is always behind you watching over and protecting your true self.

Amu: Huh!!!! No way, right? The real me….My guardian angel, I you really, really exist, I’m sorry for teasing you. So please somehow, give me courage, so I can be reborn as my would-be self, Give me courage. So I guess I really said it…EGGS!! Well, I am a female, I did ask to be reborn but I didn’t mean I wanted to give birth this is not in the health manual. Ehhh! Oh… It’s warm. So this means something will be born.

Ami: oooooo! YA! Hoowa! Hoowa! Cagne yookoo!Waaaaa! Amoshi!Dadatade!Kage monteru!!

Amu’s Dad: Yay, yay, yay! Bravo! Wonderful Ami, Papa’s singing princess! Amu good Morning!!!

Amu: Morning. It had to be…Say mama I was thinking..

Amu’s Dad: Hey look, look, Today’s best shot!

Amu’s Mom: Cute! What is it Amu?

Amu: N-Nothing. I should keep them warm. I guess I had to bring them.

Girl 4: AAHHH!

Girl 5: Lovely again today.

Girl 4 and Girl 5: Seiyo Academy’s guardians!

Girl 4: Hinamori, since you just transferred you might not know them.

Girl 5: They’re called “guardians” because they are students who are for students: a special student council.

Girl 4: They protect us from strict school rules and keep us safe from insecurities.

Girl 4 and Girl 5: Truly, they are as guardians!

Girl 4: The king’s chair Hotori Tadase.

Girl 5: The queen’s chair, Fujisaki Nadeshiko.

Girl 4: The jack’s chair, Souma Kukai.

Girl 5: The ace chair, Yuiki Yaya.

Girl 4: The guardians have a royal garden where the drink tea.

Girl 5: And Above all, the guardians have that royal cape!

Girl 5 and Girl 4: Royal overdose!

Amu: Well, those capes are kind of…

Girl 4 and Girl 5: Right?

Amu: N-Not really. Pretending to be guardians is a hobby for kids.

Girl 4: That’s Fabulous Hinamori!

Girl 5 and Girl 4: Cool and spicy! Really cool!!

Girls: Tadase! Wonderful! Perfect! As if he was Seiyo’s prince!

Amu: Ah, prince! You’re still cute today! But…. I can’t say it. This un-cute character being infatuated with the schools prince….Never! Huh? Eh! Wait! What’s this!

Tadase: huh!

Amu: huah! What is it?! Eh?

Tadase: Excuse me, Um, might you be…

Amu: HUH? uh? If you’re finished don’t act like we’re buddies, Shortie.

Tadase: Oh sorry.

Amu: I did it again! Dummy stupid faker! That was my first contact with my dreamy prince!

Nadeshiko: Hotori, that girl..

Tadase: Yeah, they are still eggs but she has charas.

Yaya: Yaya saw them! Three Guardian eggs!

Kukai: (whistle) A formidable person has shown up.

Nadeshiko: Finally, she’s appeared.

Tadase: Yeah. Carrying three Guardian eggs with her, that person will be the one to inherit the legendary Humpty Lock.

Ikuto: uh…This sound…The Humpty Lock?

Amu: Huh.

Tadase: Presently, we will begin the Fall Guardians meeting. First off I would like to start with the uniform voting results.

Amu: Prince, I can’t contain my feelings. You keep becoming cuter. And yet…If you’re finished don’t act like we’re buddies shortie. After being so blunt he probably hates me now.

Tadase: Now then, please raise your hand if you have a suggestion.

Amu: I’m sorry about earlier. Actually, I like you. And I want to be a girl who can express herself honestly.

Ran: Then just change!

Amu: eh?

Ran: From a girl who is not honest to a girl who is honest: Character change!

Amu: Yes, I’m sorry about earlier. I like you my prince!

Yaya: Ohh?

Kukai: Oh?

Amu: Ehh? What was that? My mouth and Body acted…

Tadase: We are in a meeting now. Please refrain from making off-topic comments.

Amu: Huh?

Tadase: Also, there is already a girl I like. I’m sorry.

Amu: Huh!? No way.

Kukai: Okay, That’s enough. If no one else has any comments we will move on to the next subject.

Tadase: Souma?

Kukai: Leave the rest to us.

Amu: Why? Why this? This is not my character! Saying that in front of everyone… I want to crawl in a hole! Teh!? A hole! Ouch….No way. Somebody! Excuse me!

Random girl: Good Night!

Amu: No way it can’t be.

Ran: Amu!

Amu: Huh? W-What?

Ikuto: The scent of an egg…

Amu: Huh!?

Ran: Jeez, what are you doing Amu?!

Amu: Huh?

Ran: Fly!

Amu: F-Fly?

Ran From a girl who can’t fly to a girl who can fly: Character change! Hop! Step! Jump!

Amu: EHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! What? What’s with these old-fashioned, fancy accessories!? It’s Embarrassing!

Ran: Is that all you have to say!?

Amu: EEEEHAAH! What’s going on?! My body is moving involuntarily! S-STOP IT!! Huh...huah (breathing) uh. HUAGGHG! This is a big problem. What exactly did you do?! What are you?

Ran: My name is Ran, Amu’s guardian Chara!

Amu: Guardian Chara?

Ran: Right! Amu’s would-be self.

Amu: My would-be self?

Ran: Amu you prayed for this right? To have a different character, you said. I was born from that feeling!

Amu: There’s no way that could be. I don’t believe it.

Ran: Believe it, and you can become your would-be self. Huh! yahhhhhh!!

Amu: Huh?

Ran: Huh?

Ikuto: So you have Charas?

Amu: Another weirdo…. And what’s with the cat ears? What is it?

Ikuto: You still have more eggs don’t you?

Yoru: There are two others.

Amu: Who are you people?

Ran: Amu, be careful! These people want you’re—Ahhh!!

Amu: Huh!

Ikuto: So your name’s Amu?

Amu: uh….Huah!!! EHHH! Don’t touch there! UAUAHHH!!!

Ikuto: Found them.

Amu: Huh!

Ran: Give them back you egg thief!

Ikuto: It seems like they are about to be born.

Yoru: And we already have the Humpty Lock. We scored big today. Ikuto let’s head home.

Ikuto: Sure.

Ran: Huah!!

Amu: Wait! My eggs are…Eggs…My would-be self…With my…With my…! What are you doing with my eggs!?

Ran: Amu!

Ikuto: Unh!?

Amu: The eggs!

Ran: Amu!

Yoru: She fell.

Ran: Amu, fly! Do another character change!

Amu: But!

Ran: Believe it! You can make it possible! Your would-be self!

Amu: My would-be self? So please, somehow, give me courage. So I can be reborn. Give me courage!

Yoru: Nya! W-What the…

Tadase: That’s…

Ikuto: It can’t be!

Tadase: Character transformation?

Amu: W-What is this outfit? It’s embarrassing! This is not my character at all! B-But…What is this? My body feels like a leaf being blown so lightly!

Ikuto: That girl…She can do character transformations?

Tadase: Amazing. She progressed so far.

Ran: All right Amu! Right off the bat character transforming!

Amu: Character transforming?

Ran: Character transformation occurs when you use over 120% of a Guardian Chara’s abilities.

Amu: Character transformation? Huh? No way! No one told me about this! This power…

Ran: Amu, believe in yourself! Or else…You’ll change back! Amu!

Amu: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Ran: Amu!

Amu: uahhhhh….!

Ran: whew!

Amu: My prince?

Ikuto: You again, little king?

Tadase: Taking new born eggs is against the rules. Also, putting your hands on the Humpty Lock is deplorable. Tsukiyomi Ikuto!

Yoru: It’s your fault for leaving it there!

Tadase: I’ll never let the likes of you have the embryo!

Amu: Embryo? Uh!

Tadase: Holy Crown!

Amu: Eh…Huh! He’s gone.

Tadase: He’s a crafty cat. He ran away. Are you okay? Have you been hurt?

Amu: I’m okay.

Nadeshiko: Hotori. If you don’t return to the guardian meeting…Everyone is waiting.

Tadase: Maybe you should head home for today. Well then…

Amu: E-Excuse me!

Tadase: Hmm?

Amu: Uh…Um…This.

Tadase: You hold on to it. Hinamori Amu…….. You hold on to it. Hinamori Amu.

Amu: He remembered my name! And he held me like a princess! Ahhh! My prince’s handkerchief smells good!

Ran: Amu is a scent pervert.

Amu: EH?! Your still here!?

Ran: Of course I am! Ran is already Amu’s Guardian Chara! And soon those children will be too.

Amu: Anyway! I like you my prince!

Tadase: I’m sorry.

Amu: That’s right. I was rejected.

Ran: Don’t worry! Don’t worry! There will be lots and lots of chances! Huh? Amu wait for me!

Amu: Be quiet! Don’t follow me!

Ran: Amu!

Amu: Jeez, I don’t see how Guardian Charas come from guardian angels anyway. Leave me alone!

Ran: Amu!

Amu: But now there are two eggs left, I wonder what kind of children will be born?



Boy 1=eherodarkshine
Boy 2= pienemienfan
Girls= Melody878
Girl 5= Otaku4evah
Girl 3,Girl4, and Teacher= Carmensxpurplexpower
Girl 1= chibiwatermelon
Littlr boy= Melody878

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